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Quality Standard

While order confirmed, we would give full requirements for the quality on the manufacturing plan and give the QC team and manufacturing lines samples confirmed for order.
Trial Production System

For all orders, the trial production before massive production would be taken. After the trial production finished, we would make an inspection according to our quality standard. Based on the inspection, we would give our manufacturing directors further requirements to make the massive goods match the quality as samples.

During the massive production, we would take the inspection while order on process of 20%, 50% and 100%. We execute the trial production system for all new designs.

We would take the inspection while the material comes to our warehouse. We strictly require the material the same as the samples confirmed. And we have support from our material suppliers on quick delivery if the material quality has problem.
Separate Manufacturing Lines

We build separate manufacturing lines, which can assure different products and quantities orders are arranged into manufacturing at the same time. That makes the small quantity order acceptable.
Order Status Checking System

We offer the service for the order status checking on our website. We would record all key process for the order manufacturing. And that can make sure the customers can know the order status. We would do our best to update the status while the key process is finished.