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Quality & Inspection
1. Quality Standard and Samples


1. The same quality as the samples confirmed for order.
2. AQL standard, usually Major 1.5, Minor 4.0. Download the AQL Quality Standard as the link:


We would keep two sets samples, which are the same as the one confirmed for order. While order confirmed, one set samples would be offered to our manufacturing department for massive production and the other would be kept as quality and inspection standard.

2. Inspection Report

The inspection would be taken by the well-trained inspectors. We require the inspectors have over 5 years experience on the products manufacturing and inspection.

After finishing the inspection, we would advise the inspection result first. The official report would be available in 24 hours.
All orders with us would follow our official inspection report. We would send you the report by e-mail and upload it to our website server. We would send you the link to download the report at any time. It would be valid for 3 months.