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Service & Partnership
OEM highly welcome!
We accept OEM orders for our products since 2001 and all OEM orders can be operated well.

1. Quick Response

Inquiry would be replied in 24 hours. Please try to send us the inquiry with basic company information and full contact details.

2. Quotation

We would make the official quotation in 48 hours for regular inquiry. On our ready items, the quotation would be offered immediately.

3. Sample

Samples are usually available in 5 days and free of charge except the ones made of real leather material and conditional as below. The courier freight cost in collect.

We would charge the samples fee while the conditions:
1. Samples made of real leather material.
2. Quantity over 10 pcs.
3. Mould cost for metal accessories and film cost for the printing.
4. Additional cost for packing samples.

4. Delivery

If regular quantity, we can finish the production in 25 to 30 days. It's subject to the delivery time confirmed in our quotation sheets. The delivery time is from the day when the samples and order confirmed.

We can offer supports on urgent delivery for ordered customers.

5. Inspection

We would take two inspections during the manufacturing and after packing finished.

Why the inspection during the manufacturing necessary?

On the products range, the final inspection after production is not enough. Even the quality problems are found out, the mending on the poor quality products would not improve the entire quality much enough. The only thing can be improved after production, is to make the package as right requirements. So the inspection while manufacturing is necessary and would be taken by us for all orders.

Our Quality Standard

The same as the samples confirmed for order

Only one standard is executed during the inspection.